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15.07.21, 6 – 9 pm, soft opening
mit Welcome notes von Marion Lüttig, Stadträtin der Landeshauptstadt München in Vertretung des Oberbürgermeisters und Einführung in das Projekt von Rosa Menkman und Luzi Gross

19.07.21, bis 24.07.2021, im/possible summer school
Talk, open weather workshop, screening with Rosa Menkman, Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer a.o.

02.09.21, 6 pm, exhibition tour with Luzi Gross
without registration

11.09.21, 3 pm, Rosa Menkman on im/possible images
in the context of various others


Now closed

11:00–19:00 h


stories im/possible materials

Artworks on display by Memo Akten, Peter Edwards, Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer, Fabian Heller, Rosa Menkman, Susan Schuppli, UCNV and Alan Warburton and others
Concept by Rosa Menkman

Images are pervasive; they are used to entertain, to guide, to serve as evidence or as tools for discovery. But they can also be invisible, made for machines and by machines in order to filter, track, classify, sort, or delete. As such, they constitute and influence the fabric of our everyday lives. Sometimes it is even said that one's life is now ruled by a regime of the optical. How are such regimes constructed?

In order for an object or thing – light or other type of data – to enter the visible domain and to become an image, it needs to be resolved. It needs to pass through a process involving standards, rules and compromises. As a result, under the fold of our image processing technologies, there is a complex system that constitutes our images and the optical regime we abide by. 

Spanning from all possible images to invisible images, im/possible images brings together strategies and methods of making visible. It also explores the conditions of image making today, by posing questions like: how do resolutions shape images and how does the process of resolving compromise its rendering? Can one listen to an image? When do aberrations and translations turn into false representations? And how has the field of computer simulation expanded the rules and functioning of our imagery?

Initiated by Rosa Menkman, the Lothringer 13 Halle will become a space that sheds light on the realms of im/possible images. Through workshops, talks, and other activities, international guests, local artists and researchers are invited to probe the experimental field of knowledge production with an emphasis on (digital) image infrastructures.

–> Materials and further information on the participating artists here.

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summer school
We invite you to a stroll through the exhibition im/possible images with artist and curator Rosa Menkman on Saturday, September 11, 3 pm.
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im/possible summer school
Rosa Menkman
Luzi Gross
summer school
Through workshops, talks, and other activities during an im/possible summer school, international guests, local artists and researchers are invited to probe the experimental field of knowledge production with an emphasis on (digital) image infrastructures.
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summer school
Exhibition tour with Luzi Gross, Thursday, September 2nd 6pm
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talk to me
summer school
Next event on Sunday, May 21, 2023, from 2–4 pm. talk to me is an open conversation format that offers visitors one-to-one contact, to ask questions, to discuss their own point of view.
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