im/possible summer school




summer school


20.07.21, 7–8 pm, Lecture by Rosa Menkman (EN)

22.07.21, 7–8 pm, Exhibition tour with Rosa Menkman (EN)

23.07.21, 8–7 pm, Klasse Digitale Grafik (HFBK Hamburg) shows their collection of im/possible images

23.07.21, 7–8, Filmscreening: Alan Warburton, RGBFAQ (2020) followed by a conversation (EN)

24.07.21, 3–4 pm, Talk by Susan Schuppli (EN)

24.07.21, 16.30–21.30 Uhr, Open Weather Workshop with Sasha Engelmann

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10:00–22:00 h

Initiated by Rosa Menkman, the Lothringer 13 Halle will become a space that sheds light on the realms of im/possible images. Through workshops, talks, and other activities during an im/possible summer school, international guests, local artists and researchers are invited to probe the experimental field of knowledge production with an emphasis on (digital) image infrastructures.

im/possible summer school
All formats will take place live in the Lothringer 13 Halle. For the digital formats, we will publish the link to the event here in advance.

Tue, July 20th, 7 pm
Lecture by Rosa Menkman – how to research im/possible images? 
in English language
Limited seats available. Please register in advance at

Thu, July 22nd, 6 pm
Exhibition tour with Rosa Menkman 
In English, translation into German possible if required.Without registration. Admission within the limit of the currently permitted number of visitors.

Fri, July 23d, 6 pm
Klasse Digitale Grafik (HFBK Hamburg) as guests at Lothringer 13: soft presentation of an im/possible images collection (DE/EN)
The class will show their own collection of impossible images created during a workshop with Rosa Menkman.
No registration necessary. Admission within the scope of the currently permitted number of visitors.

Fri, July 23d, 7 pm
Filmscreening: Alan Warburton, RGBFAQ (2020) followed by a conversation between Rosa Menkman and Alan Warburton (EN)
In RGBFAQ, Warburton considers whether the virtual world is as clean and steady as we are conditioned to think. He carefully catalogues the ‘hacks’ used to construct the foundations of simulated worlds, clearly suggesting that the solutions of early computer graphics might be less than ideal material on which to build the foundations of yet another generation of technology.  
RGBFAQ excavates these foundations, bringing forth a battery of forensic evidence that undermines what we think of as the image, supplying us instead with the far more unpredictable, colourful concept of the ‘exploded image’.
Limited seats available. Please register in advance at

Sat, July 24th, 3 pm
Talk by Susan Schuppli (EN)
Susan Schuppli is a researcher and artist based in the UK whose work examines material evidence from war and conflict to environmental disasters and climate change. Current work is focused on ice core science and the politics of cold. She has published widely within the context of media and politics and is author of the new book, Material Witness, published by MIT Press in 2020.
Schuppli is Reader and Director of the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths where she is also an affiliate artist-researcher and Board Chair of Forensic Architecture.
No registration necessary. Admission within the scope of the currently permitted number of visitors.
Link to the Live-stream:

Sat, July 24th, 4 – 8 pm
Open weather Workshop mit Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer (EN/DE)
Designer and activist Sophie Dyer and geographer Sasha Engelmann open a weather station in Lothringer 13 Halle. Founded in 2020, the open-weather project is an experiment dedicated to mapping and imagining planet Earth and its weather systems beyond the meteorological. It examines structures and narratives of power related to the collection and access to environmental data and challenges them with the production of counter-narratives.
In their open-weather workshop, Sophie Dyer and Sasha Engelmann open up a space to deconstruct visual representations of weather forecasts and Google Earth optics. In the workshop, participants learn how to build and operate their own DIY satellite ground stations to capture and decode transmissions from NOAA weather satellites. 

Detailprogramm des Open Weather Workshops:

16:30 -17:30
Learning about Radio Waves
Welcome and short intros What are radio waves? WebSDR exercise 
Satellites and Radio Satellite Orbits
Learning about Satellite Decoding Systems
What software do I need for my OS to decode satellite signals? How does my
hardware link to my software?
How to predict satellite pass times over my location?
How to choose a ‘good’ satellite pass?
Where should my ground station be?
WALK to capturing spot at the riverside
Capturing a NOAA 19 Satellite Pass
NOAA-19 Northbound 55W beginning at 19:51 UTC+1 (Munich time)
WALK back to Lothringer 13
Satellite Signal Decoding and Processing
How can I decode my WAV files into images?
What can I do with my data / images?
What else can I do with my satellite ground station?

Limited number of participants. Please register at:
Link to the online parts of the workshop:

Reference project/s
im/possible images
Rosa Menkman
A projekt on im/possible images by Rosa Menkman. With artworks by Memo Akten, Peter Edwards, Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer, Fabian Heller, Rosa Menkman, Susan Schuppli, UCNV, Alan Warburton et. al
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