JET LEG – Biennale d’Arte e Cultura




guest project


28.08.22, 7.30 pm, Museo Mobile
as part of the Kulturtage Au-Haidhausen with Danilo Bastione and Caitlin van der Maas @LOCUS; GASTEIG Munich

07.09.22, 6 pm, PARCOUR on Tour _ 0 Runde
VR in Public Space with Barbara Herold, @Weissenburger Platz

09.09.22, 6 pm, Opening: JET LEG, Edition 2
with Pennacchio Argentato, Clarissa Baldassarri, Paolo Puddu, Maria Positano de Vincentiis and Ambra Viviani. With special guests: Veli and Amos, @Lothringer 13 Studio

11.09.22, 12 noon, Grand Buff
@Cafebar Mona, Monacensia im Hildebrandhaus

15.09.22, 7 pm, Catalog release: Edition 1 Napoli
with che casino + Concerto: gli intufatos, special guest: Benedetto Piscitelli, @Lothringer 13 local

22.09.22, 5 pm, JET LAB
invitation to exchange, with Ilana Weinreich, Scenic workshop with Caitlin van der Maas, Performance, by Raquel Ro @Lothringer 13 local

25.09.22, 4 pm, Finissage
with the Mystic Choir Kollektiv, @Lothringer 13 Studio


Now open

11:00–19:00 h

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JET LEG, Biennale d'Arte e Cultura, Edition no. 2 in Munich

JET LEG, Biennale d'Arte e Cultura - the bilateral project initiated by Neapolitan-Munich artist Danilo Bastione and first held in Naples in 2021, comes to Munich on August 28th for its second edition. The project is based on a one-month artist residency and expands into a three-week framework program with public actions and an exhibition as a highlight, which will open on September 09.

As part of JET LEG, southern Italian artists* Pennacchio Argentato, Clarissa Baldassarri, Paolo Puddu, Maria Positano de Vincentiis as well as Ambra Viviani and Diego Miedo will create site-specific artworks that will be shown in various exhibition spaces, OFF-spaces and public spaces. The presentations seek interaction with the local cultural scene and the public.

JET LEG thus initiates a process of sustainable artistic exchange with the intention of transcending cultural, social and creative boundaries. The project offers diverse opportunities for reflection and exploration of artistic processes as well as discussion of pressing current issues in direct exchange with the public.

The participatory spirit of the Biennale will also be felt throughout the city for the two weeks before the exhibition: public interventions, artist* talks and workshops, as well as “Museo Mobile” concerts invite discussion and participation at every location.

The exhibition’s vernissage, featuring a performance by the Slovenian-Swiss art-duo Veli and Amos, will take place on September 9th at Lothringer 13 (studio on the 1st floor).

The vernissage, exhibition and the entire program of events beforehand are open to the public free of charge.

Exhibition and action locations: Lothringer 13 Studio/ local, public space Au-Haidhausen, Bogenhausen, Cafebar Mona (Monacensia Munich), OFF Space Schumannstraße, and many more.

Artistic direction: Danilo Bastione
Other actors*: Amelie Lihl, Carina Müller, Dominik Wendland, Martin Fengel, students of AdbK and many more.
This project is supported by: BBK Verbindungslinien – with funds from the Bavarian Ministry of Science and Art, Munich Department of Culture, Fonds Soziokultur, Akademieverein München, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Monaco di Baviera, Bezirksausschuss Au-Haidhausen und Bogenhausen
Sponsored by: Goethe-Institut Naples, City of Naples
Supported by: Münchner Künstlerhaus, Domagkateliers Munich, Streitfeldateliers, Lothringer 13 Halle
under the umbrella of the Kulturator Foundation

The exhibition at Lothringer 13 Studio is presented as part of Various Others.

Information about the project, the artists and the supporting program can be found at:  and on Instagram: @jet_leg_biennale