When does a space turn into an art space?
What are the working conditions?
Is new always new?
And how does a factory hall sounds like anyway?

For the past 40 years, the building complex situated at Lothringer Straße 13 in Munich has been a site for making and showing art. Over time, the atelier and exhibitions spaces were repeatedly restructured by means of renovating and repurposing. The results were numerous exhibitions, temporary project spaces, workshop environments, media laboratories and archives. Over 13 – reflections on an art space follows different traces on site – concrete as well as symptomatic – and initiates a long-term process of researching and uncovering the site’s histories for current and future projects. Artistic perspectives, which stand at the center of this research, offer subjective, speculative and collaborative approaches to the Lothringer 13 Halle and its narratives.

The kickoff event on 9 October presents found material, displays and artistic contributions which, over the course of the project, will be evaluated on, added to and activated in different formats.

Studio UnDesignUnit (Sarah Dorkenwald, Karianne Fogelberg) have initiated an Archiv der subjektiven Erinnerungen. Based on stories told by people who are connected to Lothringer 13 Halle, different concepts, visions and narratives from within the institution’s lively history are documented and made accessible. The archive is designed as a growing installation. Visitors and contemporaries who have witnessed the space at different points in time are invited to contribute private memorabilia, reports and artefacts to the archive.
Information on contributing to the archive will shortly be published here.
The Empfangsbüro (reception) is open during the opening days of the exhibition on Fridays from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. and by appointment (mail@undesignunit.com).

ChristineTanqueray’s neon installation HAHA functions as a commentary in response to the immediate physical space and its implications. It visualizes affects from the repertoire of the exhibition visit ranging from tension to disillusion, insight and amusement. The work refers to partially opposing expectations, to the discrepancies between representation and structural reality as well as to the different steps of forming an opinion which go hand in hand with the production, presentation and reception of exhibition projects.

Galerie Boom is an expansive performative installation by Gabi Blum which is rearranged into different variations over the course of the exhibition. In the increasingly autonomous yet stagnant art space within the space, different interventions and events will probe into the functionality or dysfunctionality of the artist and respectively of the art space as a format.

Anna Haifisch is an artist, illustrator and comic-strip artist working in the space between a liberal arts practice and applied drawing. The contrasts between these two worlds are often directly addressed in her works. In Lothringer 13 Halle, ink and a fountain pen are in place for her attempt at drawing a Lothringer. The result is entirely open: figural drawing or fiction? Agent, conversation partner, prop, emblem or troublemaker? Between 12 and 15 November, visitors are invited to enter the space and speak about ‘their Lothringer’, which Anna Haifisch will then immediately realize in a drawing.

Nina Lucia Groß & Tilman Walther invite visitors to make use of and add to their research on solidary spaces and different perspectives on collective relation-making. How may applied solidarity look like, which resources and privileges should be shared and what may the cultural sector and its related theoretical output offer at all?

Curated by Lisa Britzger and Luzi Gross in collaboration with Anna Lena von Helldorff, supported by Theo Thönessen.

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