Anna Haifisch: public drawing of 'the lothringer'




dialogue, exercise

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Anna Haifisch is an artist, illustrator and comic-strip artist working in the space between a liberal arts practice and applied drawing. The contrasts between these two worlds are often directly addressed in her works. In Lothringer 13 Halle, ink and a fountain pen are in place for her attempt at drawing “a Lothringer”. The result is entirely open: figural drawing or fiction? Agent, conversation partner, prop, emblem or troublemaker? 
You are invited to enter the digital space and speak about your Lothringer, which Anna Haifisch will then realize in a drawing. Therefore, please write her:

Reference project/s
Mit Beiträgen von Gabi Blum, Anna Haifisch, Nina Lucia Groß & Tilman Walther, Christine Tanqueray, UnDesignUnit unter Mitwirkung von Theo Thönnessen u.a.
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talk to me
Next event on Sunday, 10.7.2022, from 2–4 pm. talk to me is an open conversation format that offers visitors one-to-one contact, to ask questions, to discuss their own point of view. The art mediator Julia Richter is present in the hall for questions and exchange.
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