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Part Time Commitment Workloadshop *

In our daily lives, characterized by technology and innovation, the density of stimulation increases relentlessly, not only in the workplace but also in our leisure time. Sociologist Hartmut Rosa writes: "When people are asked whether they are happy or satisfied with their lives, they usually respond by looking at their resource base. [...] [This leads] to a culture in which the ultimate goal of life is to optimize one's resource situation: to improve one's job position, increase one's income, become healthier, more attractive, fitter, expand one's knowledge and skills, expand and stabilize one's network of relationships, acquire recognition, etc. [...] However, the problem is that the optimization process has no end in itself and that one's resource situation is usually evaluated rationally, that is, compared to other members of society who also participate in the competition for improvement." (Rosa, H., 2019, Resonance)

Katrin Bertram's work shows how this tendency manifests in the capitalization of leisure time, where we, following the constant dynamic logic, feel compelled to do everything right. For example, we finally need to relax - a suitable offer is immediately found: let's go on a wellness weekend or book an underwater yoga course to recharge and accelerate performance - both in private and at work. Today, we need adrenaline, experience something, let's go bungee jumping or run down a building. Let's take the GoPro with us, because well-documented experiences are status, increase our life capital, and prove our self-efficacy.

In the stylized ads of Bertram's work, we are wooed with tempting offers, promising to optimize our resources in all areas of life. An orientation map serves as a guide, in case we have set out on the path of working through our after-work to-do lists without knowing where we actually want to go.

* With the title WORKLOADSHOP, the space in the room in the main hall at the back left will be temporarily activated during the PART TIME COMMITMENT SERIES.