SPARRING ACADEMY - on current issues of artistic education




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In four panels, the role of art academies as training centers for future artists in today's society will be discussed as well as examples and questions of training and areas of social action. 

Because of the current situation the first event was streamed online on Thursday, November 5th. The documentation can be found here.

November 5, 7.15 p.m.: Basisdemokratische Bildungskonzepte
November 12, 2020, 7.15 p.m.: Klassenübergreifendes Grundstudium
December 3, 7.15 p.m.: Transdisziplinarität und Forschung 
December 10, 7.15 p.m.: Visionen für die Akademie

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Reference project/s
Mit Beiträgen von Gabi Blum, Anna Haifisch, Nina Lucia Groß & Tilman Walther, Christine Tanqueray, UnDesignUnit u.a.
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Galery Boom
Gabi Blum
The installation Galerie Boom by Gabi Blum is located in the street with no name on the right hand side of the hall during the project over 13.
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Anna Haifisch is an artist, illustrator and comic-strip artist working in the space between a liberal arts practice and applied drawing. The contrasts between these two worlds are often directly addressed in her works.
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