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18.02.22, 7 pm, Territorialization of Planet Earth
Lecture by Theo Deutinger invited by Andrea Vesela

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Throughout the past 150 years on planet earth all land got turned into territory. Every square meter of soil belongs to someone or is claimed by a nation. With this ownership comes the assignment of people to a specific territory. Germans, Nigerians, or Thai are “at home” within the borders of a specific area; on the other side of this line, they are foreigners or aliens.

The territorialization of planet earth is rather young. The true size of the Antarctic continent was just calculated in the 1960s, which coincident with the development of the Arpanet, the fore runner of the internet. Thus paradoxically, as the project of territorialization was about to be finalized, the weapons that would attack it where in the making. Today we witness a renewed desire and fight for sovereignty and independence or is this just the logical next step in the process of territorialization?

Theo Deutinger is an architect, writer and designer of socio-cultural maps and studies. He is founder and head of TD, an office that combines architecture with research, visualization and conceptual thinking in all scale levels from global planning, urban master plans, architecture to graphical and journalistic work. Deutinger has developed ‘Snapshots of Globalization’ being multilayered illustrations and maps that represent the world in this very particular moment. He is known for his writings about the transformation of Europe’s urban culture through consummation and the influence of media. Deutinger’s work is frequently issued in various magazines and he recently published the two books ‚Handbook of Tyranny‘ and ‚ultimate atlas – logbook of spaceship earth‘. The work has been exhibited at various occasions like Future Fictions Z33 (Hasselt, 2014), Storefront for Architecture in New York (USA, 2019), and the exhibition Co-Habitation by Arch+ in Berlin (D, 2021). Theo Deutinger lectured and kept teaching engagements with institutions like the Strelka Institute in Moscow and Harvard GSD (Cambridge). Currently he is teaching at the TU Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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