artist talk with Sarah Doerfel






18.06.22, 6 pm, artist talk
Sarah Doerfel in conversation with Sarah Johanna Theurer (curator, Haus der Kunst)


Now closed


Sarah Doerfel's works tell stories of different species living and dying together, especially with regard to the dynamic tension between symbiosis and parasitism.
Her video installation TRUCE shows how difficult it is to separate symbiosis and parasitism between the earth‘s inhabitants, on the example of the complex relationship between humans and medicinal leeches. The boundaries between one-sided and two-sided benefits are as fluid as the painkilling and anti-inflammatory saliva
of the leeches. Unnoticed, the sucking worm can cause harm to humans. And yet they have aided healing for thousands of years, for example as non-sterile drugs in reconstructive surgery. Leeches have been eradicated in Western Europe, so today they are farmed or imported.

 The talk will be in German. Free entry.  

Reference project/s
Exhibition N U R T U R Æ L with works by Kanako Azuma, Sarah Doerfel, Nile Koetting and THE AGENCY and the performance SOLASTALGIA with Challenge Gumbodete, Liina Magnea and Kate Strong 
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