undeniably some sort of




sound installation


06.05.22, 4 – 9 pm, open

07.05.22, 2 – 7 pm, open

08.05.22, 2 – 7 pm, open

10.05.22, 2 – 7 pm, open

11.05.22, 2 – 7 pm, open

lokal [vorne]

Now closed


undeniably some sort of is an immersive sound installation by Jakob Braito and Maria Margolina that explores liminal states through audio-visual means. Using references from Internet culture and contemporary practices of escapism; the artists outline a presence of transition. For the site-specific work, they use the liminal structures of the Lothringer 13 lokal.

Detached from context and purpose, we are slowly losing our identity. In a need to define ourselves, we're seeking a foothold in a society that chronically lacks newness and yet offers novelty as an answer. Are we reminiscing about our notorious future?