31.07.22, 3–9 pm, opening
with a discussion at 6 pm between Dr. Sebastian Truskolaski, Przemek Sowiński, and Dr. Magdalena Wisniowska

19.08.22, 6–8 pm, closing reception


Now closed

11:00–19:00 h

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GiG Munich


Re-collection series by GiG Munich

We breathe the remains of everything that was is the first of the exhibition series Re-collection organised by GiG Munich at Lothringer 13 Studio from July to December 2022.

GiG Munich is a space for contemporary art run by Magdalena Wisniowska. Active at Baumstraße 11 between 2015–2022, GiG Munich is currently operating nomadically as GiG air, presenting work at different locations both physical and virtual. For 2022, Lothringer 13 Halle  invited GiG Munich to produce the Re-collection exhibition series at the Lothringer 13 Studio, a continuation of the previous series Thinking Nature that took place at GiG in 2021, For this first exhibition at a new location, GiG Munich collaborates with the hybrid space Łęctwo run by Przemek Sowiński, to present the work of Zuza Piekoszewska, Natalia Karczewska, Magda Starska, Grzegorz Bożek, Paweł Marcinek and Przemysław Piniak.

If GiG Munich’s focus has always been the more abstract and theoretical, Łęctwo’s interests tend to lie in the immediate and physical, as well as the intimate. Łęctwo’s programme of contemporary art always has had this utopian element, art as a deeply personal drive to transform the surrounding reality, enacting real change in our cognitive lives. In their exhibition together, GiG Munich and Łęctwo look together at the idea of cultural memory, in relation to nature, biology and human.


with Zuza Piekoszewska, Natalia Karczewska, Magda Starska, Grzegorz Bożek, Paweł Marcinek, Przemysław Piniak
Kurator: Łęctwo (Przemek Sowiński)

At every step, we encounter the remnants our own existence spread out in time. The debris and dust of our previous lives penetrate our lungs, evoking the memory of what our ancestors did. The things left behind by us become the raw materials of new processes, and death is only an episode of a never ending cycle. In all of this, the present seems to be the most real, but what is this present, when it always moves away from us? Each of our breaths fills the atmosphere, becoming the past with every new gulp of air we inhale. Each exhaled breath contains a fraction of the foreseeable future. These two times remains in close relation. Perhaps we are recovering what has long since disappeared from our sight. The continuity of things, in which all matter, past and future permeate us horizontally, not only at the level of metaphysical feeling, but of real genetic transformation, giving hope for a completely different, hybrid form of being.

For the opening of the exhibition We breathe the remains of everything that is curated by łęctwo, GiG Munich invited Dr. Sebastian Truskolaski (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation research fellow at ZfL, Berlin; Lecturer in German Cultural Studies, University of Manchester) as its guest speaker. The introduction to the exhibition will take the form of a brief discussion of Adorno’s ’Heliotrope’ (Minima Moralia), together with Dr. Magdalena Wisniowska (GiG) and Przemek Sowiński (łęctwo). The discussion will take place at 6 pm and last approx. 30 min.The discussion will be take place in English, with the occasional spontaneous translation into Polish and German.

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