gathering – bodies in exhibition space


8. & 9. Juli 2022




08.07.22, 16–21 Uhr, gathering Teil 1

09.07.22, 11–18 Uhr, gathering Teil 2
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With THE AGENCY, Miriam Althammer, Jeremiah Day, Judith Engel, Lena Grossmann, Hanne König, Kirsten Maar, Felix Stenger, a.o.

With participants from theater, dance, science, and art, we ask about today´s relevance and expectations towards performative practices within exhibition contexts.

Arts such as dance, performing arts, or performance have detached themselves from their traditional venues and taking more and more place in exhibition spaces. The boundaries between the arts and institutions are increasingly dissolving, often they can no longer be drawn in a meaningful way. The program of the Lothringer 13 Halle is also dedicated to artistic practices that question new performative aesthetics and challenge both the rules of the exhibition and its institutions.
With protagonists such as the performance group THE AGENCY, the artist and choreographer Lena Grossmann, as well as the exhibition “Exzentrische 80er: Tabea Blumenschein, Hilka Nordhausen, Rabe perplexum und Kompliz*innen aus dem Jetzt” (a project by Burcu Dogramaci, Ergül Cengiz, Philipp Gufler, Mareike Schwarz, and Angela Stiegler), this year the Lothringer 13 Halle is hosting positions that represent a wide spectrum of performative approaches. What they all have in common is that they point beyond their conventional spaces of definition and seek interdisciplinary constellations.

We take this as an opportunity to make an inventory. gathering - body within the exhibition space questions the interfaces of theater, dance, performance, and exhibition. Together we want to discuss and reflect: Which approaches of intervention, presence, collectivity and participation can occur and become effective – also quite specifically in the Lothringer 13 Halle? What terms do we need to describe performative productions in the exhibition space? What connects and distinguishes exhibition institution and production house?

We are looking forward to gathering on Friday, July 8, and Saturday, July 9, on the last weekend of THE AGENCY's project N U R T U R Æ L in the context of various inputs and talks, an exhibition tour and a workshop.

Organized by Lisa Paland & Luzi Gross.


Fri, July 8
16.30  Welcome note Luzi Gross & Lisa Paland
17.00  Tour through the exhibition N U R T U R Æ L with Yana Thönnes (THE AGENCY)
18.00  Input Hanne König: Body/Politics - Levels of Experience in the Context of the Exhibition
18.30  Input Felix Stenger: Enjoy alienation or: The installative as a limit of appropriation

Sat, July 9
11–13 Workshop by Jeremiah Day: Inhabiting New Dance Legacies
14.00  Input Kirsten Maar: open scores: on the potential of doing, omission and failure 
15.00  Input Lena Grossmann: on MIMETIC BODIES
15.30  Discussion moderated by Miriam Althammer
16.30  Broadcast from the experimental text workshop with Luca Daberto

The gathering will be accompanied by Judith Engel.

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