Did you eat today? – 1st Edition


With works by Moza Almatrooshi, Michael & Chiyan Ho, Inês Neto dos Santos & Bella Riza and an activation of the street food corner by Anna Pasco Bolta with the support of Loqma Churros, München as well as by Stray Coffe Roasters

Food, recipes, kitchens and their local products shape our living spaces. They tell us much more about social spheres, in which we locate them or with which we relate them. In the first issue of "Did you eat today?" we present video works that reflect on intercultural references and traditions as well as traces of (hi)stories inherent to food and its preparation.

The street food corner serves Churros and drinking chocolate. The origin of churros is not entirely clear: there is evidence that they came to Europe both as a salty version from China and from Egyptian and North African cuisine. With the beginning of colonization, they reached Central and South America as a sweet pastry.