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04.03.24, 4-8 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #20
Fehler feiern

05.02.24, 4-8 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #20
Fehler feiern

08.01.24, 4–7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #21

04.12.23, 4-8 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #20
Fehler feiern

06.11.23, 4 – 7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #19

09.10.23, 4–7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #18

12.06.23, 4-7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #16

01.05.23, 6-7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #15
ARBEIT #workingninetofive #whatdoesworkmeanattheendoftheday

06.02.23, 2–7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #12
LOOSE ENDS #catchandletgo

09.01.23, 4 – 7pm, KNIT OR KNOT #11

05.12.22, 16 – 19 Uhr, KNIT OR KNOT #10

07.11.22, 4–7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #9

04.10.22, 4–7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #8

12.09.22, 4–7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #7

11.07.22, 4–7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #6

30.05.22, 4 – 7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #5

02.05.22, 4 – 7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #4

04.04.22, 4 – 7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #3

07.03.22, 4 – 7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #2

21.02.22, 4 – 7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #1

08.04.24, 4-7 pm, KNIT OR KNOT #24
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KNIT OR KNOT is an open group for anyone who wants to knit, embroider, crochet, bobbin lace, knot, connect, expand, design patterns or discard old patterns together. We take the needlework circle as a starting point to spin a new network. It is about tools, materials, new and old knowledge, and the thread that turns straightness into a fluffy, permeable, filtering mesh. About music, exchange and connection of different perspectives, techniques, new patterns of life that we want to meet in this open round with or without needles.

The event takes place monthly. To participate, please email to:


Mo, 9.1.23, 4 – 7pm
[Lothringer 13 lokal]

In our first session of the new year, we will revisit the old year and have a close look: What do we still need, what is in use, what can stay and what can go. How do we decide if we still need something or if it's holding us back?  And how do we get rid of what we no longer need? Throw it away, burn it, smoke it out? Is it enough if we mentally detach ourselves or do we need a ritual act to finally let go? In Bavaria there is the season of the Epiphany, also called 'Rauhnächte' , taking place during the 12 nights 'between the years' (between Dec 25th and Jan 1st). All bad things that happened during the 12 months of the last year are smoked out, month by month. In these 'Rauhnächten' a cleaning process takes place, which creates space for new and good things to happen. We will do our own cleansing, make room for new connections and give new space to the old reliable ones. We will find the places where we have become tangled, untie the knots and rearrange.The Knitting continues, the Knotting can start.

Reference project/s
The Art education program adresses students / school classes and groups. If you are interested, please contact
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Unabhängig von Ort und Laufzeit können einzelne Ausstellungen aus dem Programm der Lothringer 13 Halle mit Klassen oder Gruppen online besucht werden. Hier finden Sie begleitende Video- und Audiobeiträge und Arbeistmaterial für individuelle Vermittlungsangebote. 
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For the first issue of 2024, the INCOMPLETE READING GROUP, together with philosopher and curator Magdalena Wisniowska, will read an excerpt from THOUSAND PLATEAUS by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari!
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As part of I Did Not See It Coming, students from the class of Olaf Nicolai (AdBK) invite you to watch films together and discuss concepts of violence in film.
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With the help of different texts, this reading group aims to create an exchange, a common and multi-perspective expansion of the discourse on forms of violence.
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