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The installation Galerie Boom by Gabi Blum in the street with no name on the right hand side of the hall will be renovated in November and get a brand new facade, because the former Kunsthaus Raab from Neuhausen wants to be retrospectively illuminated. The work will take place on Fridays when the former landlady is on site. Recordings of the actions and performances that took place in the explosive interim use Kunsthaus Raab in autumn and winter 2018/19, as well as fragments that are still left, will be exhibited and discussed, even an entire theatre play can be viewed and of course the long-awaited Kunsthaus Raab catalogue. Further art objects and festive street lighting will follow in December, fluttering tinsel will then give the street a new shine before the whole scene will dissolve in favor in January and the walls of the installation will hang like they do in museums. A final performance with a swing and drum roll might take place. Everything stays in the process, anyways of course.
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Mit Beiträgen von Gabi Blum, Anna Haifisch, Nina Lucia Groß & Tilman Walther, Christine Tanqueray, UnDesignUnit unter Mitwirkung von Theo Thönnessen u.a.
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Anlässlich des 40jährigen Bestehens der Lothringer 13 Halle öffnet das von UnDesignUnit konzipierte Archiv der subjektiven Erinnerungen. Im Empfangsbüro, das fester Bestandteil des Archivs ist, sind Sie eingeladen, Ihre persönlichen Erinnerungsstücke, Berichte und Artefakte beizutragen.
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In four panels, the role of art academies as training centers for future artists in today's society will be discussed as well as examples and questions of training and areas of social action.  … Because of the current situation the first event will be streamed online on Thursday…
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Art Workers Commons
Arts of the Working Class
Arts of the Working Class (Alina Kolar, María Inés Plaza Lazo, Pauł Sochacki) explores the arts sector as a working environment.
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Lothringer 13 Halle will remain closed. We will let you know about our online program here!
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Anna Haifisch is an artist, illustrator and comic-strip artist working in the space between a liberal arts practice and applied drawing. The contrasts between these two worlds are often directly addressed in her works.
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In Kooperation mit der Schule der Phantasie Gräfelfing, werden Schüler*innen der Mittelschule Lochham eingeladen, den Städtischen Kunstraum Lothringer 13 Halle als Kulturinstitution kennenzulernen.
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