Chapter 1: Out of Your Head and Into my Body






13.06.24, 7 pm , Opening
with an artist talk with otc and Lisa Britzger


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Chapter 1: Out of Your Head and Into my Body
by otc – Observant Thick Conversation (Rahel grote Lambers, Alexander Klaubert, Francis Kussatz, Julia Lübbecke)

In a long-term research and exchange process, the artists' collective otc - Observant Thick Conversation, explores solidarity-based forms of sustainable collaboration. In the Lothringer 13 Halle, otc takes up various aspects of collective labour and translates them into a site-specific installation made from found materials and elements from the art space's storrage. Through various components in the space, which are connected to each other, face each other, hold each other, come uncomfortably close to each other, stretch apart, lean against each other or support each other, recurring physical and emotional situations from the collective labour are suggested and made tangible for visitors.

otc – Observant Thick Conversation, formerly ‘Yours truly, LoL’, formerly ‘Law of Life (LoL)’ is an artists' collective that has set itself the goal of creating collective structures for young artists to support each other. Networking and building sustainable networks in exchange with artists, curators and institutions is an essential part of their joint artistic and political practice.

The collective has realised various projects and exhibitions in Košice (SK), Hamburg, Berlin and Göttingen. Currently otc consists of Rahel grote Lambers, Alexander Klaubert, Francis Kussatz and Julia Lübbecke.

The installation Out of Your Head and Into my Body is being created in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Lauenburg as part of the series Have we passed peak collective?, which will be realised by otc in Lauenburg, Munich, Bremen and Berlin from 2024 - 2025.

Reference project/s
otc (Rahel grote Lambers, Alexander Klaubert, Francis Kussatz, Julia Lübbecke), ARBEITSLABOR (Susanne Beck, Karen Modrei, Julia Richter), Verena Hägler & Nicola Reiter, Klasse für Quereinstieg/Artists Pedagogy der AdBK München (Sofia Gold, Nikolai Gümbel, Judith Hagen, Sophie Kindermann, Luisa Koch…
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The ARBEITSLABOR is an open programme at Lothringer 13 Lokal conceived by art mediator Julia Richter together with artists Susanne Beck and Karen Modrei.
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Taktungen shows the initial results of two research projects in the context of agricultural and industrial labour.
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with Sofia Gold, Nikolai Gümbel, Judith Hagen, Sophie Kindermann, Luisa Koch, Angelika Lepper, Jonas Rall, Mirja Reuter, Ivo Rick, Ursula Rogg, Adrian Sölch, Matt Wiegele
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In 2022, the artist Andrea Pichl curated the exhibition Worin unsere Stärke besteht/Where our strength lies. 50 Woman Artists from the GDR for the Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin. In her lecture, Andrea Pichl will present the exhibition and then show her own works.
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with Heiner Heiland (sociologist), Falko Blumenthal (IG Metall Munich), Julia Reif (Professor of Business and Organisational Psychology). The panel discussion will take place in cooperation with neuland & gestalten at GESELLSCHAFTSRAUM. Free registration via
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