21.06.24, 5 pm, ARBEITSLABOR Canteen opening

22.06.24, 3–6 pm, Visual Dissent. A Feminist Workroom
An analogue poster workshop by Madruga Schreiber

29.06.24, 2–7 pm, KNIT or KNOT – Complex Connections
A textile experiment on the question: What are the benefits of community work? by Susanne Beck and Julia Richter

06.07.24, 15–18 Uhr, UN RUIN US
A collective Anti-Work Session by intra:knit

13.07.24, 2–7 pm, DIE_REDAKTION – Are you already/still working or still/already living?
A zine workshop for Zoomers & Boomers with perspectives on work by Julia Richter and Jakob Weiß

14.07.24, 3 pm, ARBEIT ALS GABE
Katalin Marghescu erzählt von ihrer Arbeit zum Thema „Arbeit“

14.07.24, 5 pm, ANDERS TUN - das Spiel*
Von Stefan Krüskemper, Christiane ten Hoevel, Michaela Nasoetion Hosting: Micaela Czisch. Ein Spiel, das Fragen zu Tun und Tätigsein in einer sich wandelnden Arbeitsgesellschaft verhandelt.

20.07.24, 5–10 pm, WERKSCHAU & Finissage
with drinks, snacks and DJ Blanc. The results of the ARBEITSLABOR will be published & Die_Redaktion presents 5 zines = 5 workshops.

lokal [vorne]

Now closed


run by Susanne Beck, Karen Modrei, Julia Richter

The ARBEITSLABOR is an open programme at Lothringer 13 Lokal conceived by art mediator Julia Richter together with artists Susanne Beck and Karen Modrei. Over five weekends, the concept of LABOUR will be examined, taken apart, turned upside down and reassembled in workshops, discussions and work sessions; freely based on the ‘4-in-1 perspective’ developed by the sociologist and philosopher Frigga Haug. The 4-in-1 model is an approach for a social, gender- equitable and democratic society. Everyone's work should be divided into 4 equal parts so that everyone can be active in the areas of wage labour, care (CARE), education/culture and politics/ society.
Every Friday is WERKTAG. Work is carried out in the 4 windows of the Lokal, visible from the outside, and the ARBEITSLABOR can be visited.
Every Saturday is WORKSHOP day. Every Sunday is AFTER WORK with discussions about the working week, drinks and snacks.

To book a free co-working slot at the WERKTAGE or to take part in the workshops, please send an e-mail to

Karen Modrei is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Munich. Her artistic practice is nourished by the textile craft and its cultural-historical categorisation, associated role perceptions and value systems.

Julia Richter is an art mediator and trend analyst in Munich. In her work, she translates artistic and social issues into sustainable, cross-generational mediation concepts that break down barriers and encourage dialogue.

Susanne Beck lives and works as a visual artist in Munich.
In her video works, spatial installations, text and sound works, she pursues performative approaches and deals with themes such as solidarity, relationships and agency.

Reference project/s
otc (Rahel grote Lambers, Alexander Klaubert, Francis Kussatz, Julia Lübbecke), ARBEITSLABOR (Susanne Beck, Karen Modrei, Julia Richter), Verena Hägler & Nicola Reiter, Klasse für Quereinstieg/Artists Pedagogy der AdBK München (Sofia Gold, Nikolai Gümbel, Judith Hagen, Sophie Kindermann, Luisa Koch…
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In a long-term research and exchange process, the artists' collective otc - Observant Thick Conversation, explores solidarity-based forms of sustainable collaboration. 
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Taktungen shows the initial results of two research projects in the context of agricultural and industrial labour.
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with Sofia Gold, Nikolai Gümbel, Judith Hagen, Sophie Kindermann, Luisa Koch, Angelika Lepper, Jonas Rall, Mirja Reuter, Ivo Rick, Ursula Rogg, Adrian Sölch, Matt Wiegele
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