Scratching Trees– a performative installation




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01.12.23, 8 pm, Try Out

02.12.23, 8 pm, Try Out

03.03.23, 9 pm, Try Out
Im Dunkeln den Erinnerungen der Bäume lauschen

04.03.23, 6.30 am, Try Out
Wach auf im Wald und frühstücke mit uns im Anschluss


Now open

11:00–19:00 h

Scratching Trees Volume#2
A performative installation by Christiane Huber & Team
1. & 2.12.2023

Scratching Trees Volume#1
A performative installation by Christiane Huber & Team
3. & 4.3 2023

What happens in the biosphere of the forest is not forgotten - rather, it is stored. The artistic research Scratching Trees understands the trees of the Białowieża Forest on the border of Poland and Belarus as records and searches for repressed narratives by scratching annual rings. Voices of the dead, animals, scientists and displaced persons from the past, present and possible futures emerge, revealing the uncanny side of the romantic tale of the idyllic forest. In the middle of it all a DJ at his desk, busy looping the past and making the growing grass audible.

Scratchings Trees, Volume#2 is the second part of the try-outs for the performative installation Scratching Trees. The first part, entitled "Scratching Trees, Volume#1", took place in the Lothringer 13 Halle in March 2023.  The first part of the research focused on the violence experienced by Jews and partisans during the German occupation in the Białowieża Forest. The focus of the second part is now on the present in the forest area on this European external border.

Christiane Huber (concept and stage direction)
Sarah Israel (concept and dramaturgy)
Magda Kupryjanowicz (artistic collaboration, dramaturgy Volume #2))
PUBLIKUM (installation & costume)
Dana von Suffrin (text)
Tatsiana Zamirovskaya (text, performance)
Katja Dreyer & Cammisa Buerhaus & Aleksandra Matlingiewicz (performance)
Marcin Lenarczyk (sound)
Pola Dobler ( choir)
Michael Pohorsky(light, video)
Paolo Mariangeli (sound engineering)
Rat & Tat Kulturbüro (artistic production management)
Simone Lutz (PR)
Eunjin Yoo (artistic assistance)

Supported by a research grant from the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, the Fonds Darstellende Künste from funds of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTU, Kulturfonds Bayern and the Goethe-Institut Warsaw. Supported by the District Committee 5 Au-Haidhausen of the City of Munich.