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17.04.22, 6 pm, SAND STORIES – Kiran Pereira
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09.01.22, 6 pm, SAND STORIES – Elizabeth A. Povinelli
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Preceding the performative installation SOLASTALGIA as part of the exhibition N U R T U R Æ L at Lothringer 13 Halle in Munich in June 2022, the conversation format Sand Stories explores alternative narratives of catastrophism. What can be imagined out of the desert

SAND SORIES #2 with Kiran Pereira 
April 17, 2022, 6 pm

We meet online via Zoom and speak mainly in English with live subtitles. Questions and comments in German are welcome. Registration possible here until Sunday, 17 April, 12 noon. 

Kiran Pereira is the author of the book 'Sand Stories - surprising truths about the global sand crisis and the quest for sustainable solutions'. Born and raised in India, she completed a Master of Science from King's College, London, where she studied the effects of indiscriminate sand mining for her dissertation. Kiran is the founder of, a platform that works to find and communicate solutions to the global sand crisis by connecting science, policy and industry. Her work has been featured in the award-winning documentary Sand Wars and in media outlets such as The Economist, BBC Radio5, Al Jazeera, Le Monde Diplomatique and others. She currently lives in London. 


SAND SORIES #1 with Elizabeth A. Povinelli 
January 8,  2022

Elizabeth A. Povinelli is a critical theorist advocating for an anthropology of the otherwise. As a filmmaker she is one of  the founding members of Karrabing Film Collective. The conversation will be facilitated by THE AGENCY and leave space for questions from all participants. 

The conversation will be held in English. Questions and comments in German are welcome. 

Reference project/s
Ab dem 9. Juni 2022 präsentiert THE AGENCY in der Lothringer 13 Halle die Ausstellung N U R T U R Æ L mit Arbeiten von Kanako Azuma, Sarah Doerfel, Nile Koetting und THE AGENCY.
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