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K2020 at Halle

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Isabel Bredenbröker K2020 core team

Sarah Lehnerer K2020 core team

Angela Stiegler K2020 core team

Lennart Boyd Schürmann K2020 core team

Felix Leon Westner K2020 core team

Jackie Grassmann K2020 collaborator

Maria VMier K2020 collaborator

Achinoam Alon K2020 collaborator

Kamilla Bischof K2020 collaborator

Amelia Groom K2020 collaborator

Samuel Fischer-Glaser K2020 collaborator

Mathieu Bessey K2020 collaborator

Kolja Gollub K2020 collaborator

Kylie Gilchrist K2020 collaborator

Adam Gallagher K2020 collaborator

Cooper Francis K2020 collaborator

Jan Erbelding K2020 collaborator

Ruth Angel Edwards K2020 collaborator

Cashmere Radio K2020 collaborator

Sarah Johanna Theurer K2020 collaborator

Laura Welker K2020 collaborator

Charlotte Coosemans K2020 collaborator

Marios Chatziprokopiou K2020 collaborator

Anaïs Bloch K2020 collaborator

Nike Arnold K2020 collaborator

Stephan Janitzky K2020 collaborator

Paula Kohlmann K2020 collaborator

!Mediengruppe Bitnik K2020 collaborator

Simone Ganserer K2020 collaborator

Katharina Merten K2020 collaborator

Moritz Nebenführ K2020 collaborator

Aiko Okamoto K2020 collaborator

Bernhard Rappold K2020 collaborator

Amir Saifullin K2020 collaborator

Sophie Schmidt K2020 collaborator

Vasilis Zarifopoulos K2020 collaborator

Jenifer Becker K2020 collaborator

Arbeitskollektiv Barabern und Strawanzen K2020 collaborator

Feministisches Frauen*gesundheitszentrum Stuttgart K2020 collaborator

Snorre Hansen K2020 collaborator

Yorgia Karidi K2020 collaborator

Kollektiv Crèmbach x Lion Bischof K2020 collaborator

Zeno Legner K2020 collaborator

Inka Meißner K2020 collaborator

Tunay Önder K2020 collaborator

Jonas von Ostrowski K2020 collaborator

Thea Reifler K2020 collaborator

Laura Ziegler K2020 collaborator

Johanna Klingler K2020 collaborator

Philipp Schwalb K2020 collaborator

Ylena Katkova K2020 collaborator

Yulia Lokshina K2020 collaborator

Emma Waltraud Howes K2020 collaborator

Lisa Britzger curatorial director

Luzi Gross curator

Anna Lena von Helldorff designer

Adrian Lambert assistance

Stan Iordanov K2020 collaborator

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A chair is still a chair even when there is no one sitting there. But a chair is not a house and a house is not a home when there is no one there to hold you tight
[Dionne Warwick – A House is Not a Home]

From June to September 2020, the international and trans-disciplinary platform K transforms Lothringer 13 Halle into a domestic setting which is at once usable and simulated. Here, models and practices of living together can be tested from an artistic perspective. More than 40 local and international artists and researchers followed the invitation to translate their approach to collective life into experiential formats during three activation periods over the course of several days. The transforming exhibition setup with its custom-made furniture will host lectures and performances. Practical skills will be shared in workshops and tried out together. Different hosts will invite guests and participants to dinner. By means of settings related to living and dwelling, K explores the potential for agency in collaboration with visitors. It also investigates tensions that arise from the encounter between a public institution and self-organized collective practice. 

This methodology is central to the approach of the artist initiative K, which has been meeting annually in different locations since 2013. K invites participants to translate current topics of their artistic and research practice into new and context-specific formats, following individual interests. K is organized by Isabel Bredenbröker, Sarah Lehnerer, Lennart Boyd Schürmann, Angela Stiegler and Felix Leon Westner. 

K 2020 are: Achinoam Alon, Nike Arnold, Jenifer Becker, Mathieu Bessey, Kamilla Bischof, Anaïs Bloch, Arbeitskollektiv Barabern und Strawanzen, Isabel Bredenbröker, Cashmere Radio, Marios Chatziprokopiou, Ruth Angel Edwards, Jan Erbelding, Samuel Fischer-Glaser, Cooper Francis, Adam Gallagher, Feministisches Frauen*gesundheitszentrum Stuttgart, Kylie Gilchrist, Kolja Gollub, Jackie Grassmann, Amelia Groom, Snorre Hansen, Emma Waltraud Howes, Stan Iordanov, Stephan Janitzky, Yorgia Karidi, Ylena Katkova, Johanna Klingler, Paula Kohlmann, Kollektiv Crèmbach x Lion Bischof, Charlotte Coosemans, Simone Ganserer, Zeno Legner, Sarah Lehnerer, Yulia Lokshina, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Inka Meißner, Katharina Merten, Maria von Mier, Moritz Nebenführ, Tunay Önder, Aiko Okamoto, Jonas von Ostrowski, Bernhard Rappold, Thea Reifler, Amir Saifullin, Lennart Boyd Schürmann, Sophie Schmidt, Philipp Schwalb, Angela Stiegler, Sarah Johanna Theurer, Laura Welker, Felix Leon Westner, Vasilis Zarifopoulos, Laura Ziegler.

Opening hours during the 1. activation period:

>> ––> Fri, 26 June: 3 – 5 pm
>> ––> Sat, 27 June: 3 – 5 pm


K 2020 - This house is not a home is supportet by Bayerisches Staatsminsiterium für Wissenschaft und Kunst.