im/possible images program – exhibition tour with Luzi Gross





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We invite you to an exhibition tour with co-curator Luzi Gross, Thursday, September 2nd at 6pm

Reference project/s
im/possible images
Rosa Menkman
A projekt on im/possible images by Rosa Menkman. With artworks by Memo Akten, Peter Edwards, Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer, Fabian Heller, Rosa Menkman, Susan Schuppli, UCNV, Alan Warburton et. al
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im/possible summer school
Rosa Menkman
Luzi Gross
Through workshops, talks, and other activities during an im/possible summer school, international guests, local artists and researchers are invited to probe the experimental field of knowledge production with an emphasis on (digital) image infrastructures.
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talk to me
Next event on Sunday, May 21, 2023, from 2–4 pm. talk to me is an open conversation format that offers visitors one-to-one contact, to ask questions, to discuss their own point of view.
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