Ylena Katkova
K2020 Kollaborateur*in

..bird without wings ...and some friends of the bird...

At 8 o'clock my mother woke me up. It was Saturday and we would go to the playground. Waking up I saw the sky ... The sea is blue! The sky is blue! Not even a cloud spoils this perfection. It's flawless! Not even a vapor’s trace. (How primitive was the taste of ancient people that were inspired by random, shapeless, glimpses of vapor!) Maybe it’s the economic crisis or the pandemic that no one knows where it comes from, who it is to blame, who wants this but still manages to put everyone under amounts of stress. The policy of nations is to submit fear and anxiety and to make beings enslaved. But what about laughter? Scientists have discovered that laughing 3 minutes, extends your life for 5 minutes. Of course I don’t know how they found this out and if their experiments were on humans or mice. The mouse had to die. Suddenly it was saved by a joke and it lived five additional minutes. Of course similar experiments are still taking place, For example, a cigarette shortens your life for 15 minutes An alcohol shot shortens your life for 10, I am just thinking… Did you drink an alcohol shot? Laugh! Did you smoke a cigarette? Laugh! By the way, news also shortens life. 30 minutes of news and your life is shortened by an hour. The news, sometimes I think, broadcasting in the evening to cause us fear. Let’s say, that you had a wonderful day, in the evening you watch the news. Then your sleep, full of nightmares. Obviously, you've all heard the phrase bird without wings ... Well, I never understood it because even without wings it still remains a bird. A complete bird can carry ecstasy pills from one city to another in a small backpack in the same color as its wings. Now let's imagine a bird without wings ... It can walk, ride when he sees another bird, eat, certainly harder, but survive. Think now a bird with wings but without head and feet! Flying without seeing and knowing where it goes, will not survive for long.because it will not be able to feed, fall in love and if during the first fly,it will not break- on a concrete wall-the most valuable thing left, its unique wings.