Klasse Digitale Grafik guests – im/possible summer school – documentation


During the im/possible summer school, ten students of the HFBK Hamburg reflected on the im/possible images exhibition during a three day hackathon-style production sprint. We present the six projects here. Please nagivgate through their projects here: 
projectpage: https://impossible.digitale-grafik.com/

Workshop by Rosa Menkman

Students: Kimberly Duck, Moritz Ebeling, Miriam Humm, Polina Lobanova, Artur Neufeld, Timo Rychert, Jens Schnitzler, Stephan Thiel, Nataliia Verbova, Yulia Wagner

Klasse from Prof. Christoph Knoth und Prof. Konrad Renner
Guests at Lothringer 13 Halle from July 20th–23rd 2021