OPEN WEATHER (Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer) – The Im/Possible Weather Station & Workshop


"Open-weather is a feminist experiment in imaging and imagining the earth and its weather systems using DIY tools! Co-led by researcher-designer Sophie Dyer and creative geographer Sasha Engelmann, open-weather encompasses a series of how-to guides, critical frameworks and public workshops on the reception of satellite images using free or inexpensive amateur radio technologies. In the tradition of intersectional feminism, open-weather investigates the politics of location and interlocking oppressions that shape our capacities to observe, negotiate, and respond to the climate crisis."

Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer (OPEN WEATHER) share their DIY Open Weather workshop in written form in this Reader. Also gathered are a number of the weather reports made by Anna Pasco Bolta in the Lothringer 13 Halle during the im/possible images project.


Part of: Reader Nr 4 im/possible images

The contributions gathered in this Reader continue questions and themes of the exhibition project im/possible images in essays, reflections, collections of material and manuals. In the idea of accompanying publishing, texts and visual material are made accessible in the series of L13 readers that are connected to the themes and questions of various projects from the program of Lothringer 13 Halle and open up further spaces for thought. The contributions will be made available both online and in print on site at the Lothringer 13 Halle and can be individually compiled by visitors.